Welcome to the Bulletins Archive Search

This facility may help you find information in the ADS Bulletins archive.  We have most Bulletins from 1930 to the present.

The process is not perfect.  Each Bulletin is OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition) to make the words in the Bulletin searchable.  OCR technology is not perfect, varies in its accuracy, and is evolving.  It is also affected by the clarity of the document scanned and formatting within a document.  Having said all of this, it works pretty well.

This is a two part process.  Enter your search parameters and submit.  You will get a list of documents that match your criterion, with a short paragraph showing  the reference.  Click on the document name (in green) to go to the document.  These documents are in pdf format and are usually rather long.  You will want to use the pdf “find” option to move through the document to see the references.  Once in a pdf document, use the browser back arrow to return to the search page.  Notice the “Return to ADS Home Page” and “Reset Bulletin Search” links at the top and bottom of the pages.

For your first search in any session, enter your criteria at the bottom of the page.  Subsequent searches can be performed from above the results list.